Paula, A

Paula, A “Memory Cafe” Program Volunteer, Engages Mary with Drum Play

Help us make a difference for care-partners and people living with dementia or a chronic disability!

We need your help with:
1. Programs/Events
2. Outreach/Marketing
3. Administration/Office
4. Gardens/Horticulture

If you live North of Boston, are at least age 14, and are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please:

  • Download, complete & return our Volunteer Application
  • E-mail volunteer (at) rest-stop-ranch.com, or call 978-887-4202.

Thanks for your interest! Please scroll down this page to learn more.
~ The Rest.Stop.Ranch -Making a Difference- Team

Programs/Events Help (Weekends)
Events (offered on either Saturday or Sunday) are our year-round Memory Café, and our Seasonal Sunday Stroll.

Year-round Events, Volunteer Roles:
Events Team (experience not necessary)
Hospitality/Welcome Team
Event Set-up & Breakdown

Program/Event Volunteers, Gale and Karen, Model Relaxing!

“Memory Cafe” Program Volunteers, Gale and Karen, Model Relaxing, at our Drum Circle!

Seasonal Events, Volunteer Roles:
Nature Guides (for People with Special Needs)
Picnic Area Support
Activities: Drums & Dancing
Activities: Bird Tales
Activities: Fish Tales
Activities: Flower Fun (Craft/Arranging)
Parking Management

Corey and Marlene Bettencourt, "Sunday Stroll" Program Volunteers, from Groveland, MA

Corey and Marlene Bettencourt, “Sunday Stroll” Program Volunteers, from Groveland, MA

Outreach/Marketing Help (Anytime)
Outreach Team (experience not necessary)
Help Manage Print Literature
Help Distribute Print Literature
Help Manage Online Presence
Share our Story & Services with Friends
Visit & Present to:

  • Healthcare Partners
  • Schools/Education Partners
  • Councils on Aging
  • Aging and Disability Agencies
  • Faith-based Organizations
  • Public Libraries

Administration/Office Help (Anytime)
Office Team (experience not necessary)
Help Manage Paper Files (Paper Organization)
Help Manage Digital Files (Data Entry & Organization)

Garden/Horticulture Help (Anytime)
Horticulture Team (experience not necessary)
Spring/Fall Cleanup
Build Trails and/or Garden Beds
Maintain Trails and/or Garden Beds
Plant, Weed, Harvest

Bruce Piper, Horticulture Volunteer, from Peabody, MA

Bruce Piper, Horticulture Volunteer, from Peabody, MA













Caregiver Support Group (Thursday Evenings)
Group Facilitator(s) trained by Alzheimer’s Association or AFTD.

What are the Benefits?
– Rest.Stop.Ranch volunteers have the opportunity to become part of a dynamic and highly-participative Rest.Stop.Ranch communitee consisting of Mary, Karl, team members, program participants, contributors (of plants and funds), volunteers, mentors, and project stakeholders.
– Rest.Stop.Ranch volunteers have the opportunity to experience meaningful and gratifying work:
1. support families living with long-term illness and disability
2. develop wheelchair-accessible gardens for the present and future
3. meet guests with disabilities with kindness and love

Requirements for Helping in the Garden
– At least 14 years old.
– Enthusiasm for Rest.Stop.Ranch Programs and a commitment to learning about conservation, stewardship, and universal access.
– Ability to lift 20 pounds, the ability to stoop and bend, and the ability to tolerate local weather.
– No prior gardening knowledge is required; all necessary knowledge is taught.
– Ability to talk informally to children and adults, both in groups and one-on-one.
– Ability to communicate Rest.Stop.Ranch rules effectively in a non-threatening manner.
– Must be reliable, responsible, and flexible.
– The ability to walk or stand for a significant amount of time.
– All required information and communication techniques will be taught.
– Report to work on time and in uniform.
– Work with a positive, can-do attitude with all guests and members of the team.

Minimum Time
– A one-time contribution of project time, or a regular commitment of your choosing is appreciated.

– Volunteers are paired with a member of the Rest.Stop.Ranch team to perform their duties, and additional on-the-job training will be provided by those team members.

– All volunteers will be issued a volunteer ID name tag, which must be worn when acting in a role supporting guests.
– Long pants are considered appropriate (khakis and blue jeans are acceptable).
– For safety reasons, closed-toe shoes and socks are required; no sandals.
– A hat, sunscreen, and water bottle are all encouraged (also, work gloves if working in the garden).

– Rest.Stop.Ranch team members are available to provide assistance, supervision, and mentoring as needed.

How to Apply
– Complete & Return to us: Rest.Stop.Ranch Volunteer Application.

Or, Please e-mail volunteer (at) rest-stop-ranch.com if you have questions.

Lily of the Valley, Cut Flower Garden Trail

Lily of the Valley, Cut Flower Garden Trail

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