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Fish Tales Needs a Fun Facilitator!

Fish Tales Needs a Fun Facilitator!

We are grateful for the volunteers who have helped us with our accessible outdoor programs in the past and the present. Thank you! We currently have one volunteer enjoying hospitality volunteering on a monthly basis, during our Sunday Stroll program. We also have two “crazy gardener” volunteers enjoying helping with horticulture; one comes weekly during the week, and one comes when available.

We welcome more volunteers to join us… I’ve updated and moved our Volunteers Page to a top level on our website, so folks can better understand the type of volunteer roles available: community outreach (anytime), horticulture (anytime), and hospitality (weekend events).

On Thursday, August 24, Greg Bish, Director of Service Learning at Gordon College in Wenham visited. He is evaluating Rest.Stop.Ranch as a third service site for a fall-semester service learning class. I initially reached out to him this summer, because we need more volunteers for our Saturday Memory Café program – happening most, but not all Saturdays, April – October. Right now, we have zero volunteers helping out regularly on Saturdays, 10am-12pm. The program benefits from a team of 5 regular volunteers: four volunteers to assist guests with four activity stations (one volunteer per station: Bird Tales, Fish Tales, Flower Fun, Drums & Dance), and one volunteer to help with the welcome table (sign-in, name tags, programs, and general Q+A/information).

Other Memory Café programs in our State of MA are collaborating with nearby colleges for Memory Café volunteer help, and the intergenerational benefits are great. This was the source of my inspiration… perhaps our program can also benefit from this type of collaboration?

Greg liked our space and program and took back a folder of information to discuss further with the faculty sponsor. He suggested 6-7 students may be coming 6-7 times during the fall semester. They may be helping us with community outreach, horticulture, and weekend events. We look forward to a potential future collaboration with Gordon College.

Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering, September and October. We have only a handful of events remaining on the schedule. Experience is not required for the majority of volunteer roles.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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