Uncle Mal Passes from Young Onset ALZ, 9-28-18

Mary, Mal & Karl, visit July 30, for Mal's Birthday 7-31

Mary, Mal & Karl, visit July 30, for Mal’s Birthday 7-31











7-31-43 to 9-28-18.  Malcolm Bryant Fraser, a life-long science educator, was the younger brother of my mom, Margaret Ellen, a life-long music educator.  John Cameron, the eldest sibling, lives still in the DC area, a retired 4-star Admiral.  John Cameron Fraser and Emily Bryant Fraser were their parents, my grandparents, life-long music educators in Seneca Falls, NY.

Uncle Mal Fraser’s Obituary

Mal appears unhappy at the Facility 7-30.

Mal appears unhappy- even with dessert- at the Assisted Living Facility 7-30-18.

The photos taken from the visit on July 30 are a painful reminder of how difficult it is to lose our loved ones to a form of memory loss – especially at an age, like 75, when we expect or hope for their continued presence, especially at holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special milestones.

I have many warm memories shared with my Uncle Mal who visited us often from his home in Haverhill.  In addition to seeing him for perennial birthday and holiday celebrations, he also joined us for our 2015 Stations of the Cross Blessing and our 2012 Wedding Celebration.

2012 Karl & Mary Wedding Celebration with Family

2012 Karl & Mary Wedding Celebration with Family & Friends, Pictured here with Mary’s maternal clan, the Fraser’s.  Mal is standing left of Karl.

Moving forward with a listening heart,

vision, inquiry, and action,

~ Mary

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