This Week: April 15 – 21, 2019

Korean Forsythia in the Secret Garden

Korean Forsythia in the Secret Garden

A Holy Week for Christians. We offer a “Stations and Chowda” Friday program, 5pm – 7pm, for anyone of any spiritual tradition interested in experiencing 15 Stations: The 6 Ways of the MargFMac Front Garden Loop. It’s a contemplative experience followed by fellowship. Two of the 6 Ways support caregivers on a long-term-care journey, or experiencing recovery and renewal from long-term caregiving. This and all programs are free-of-charge. RSVP with me if interested.

Join us:
Thursday – 4/18, 9am – 12pm, Volunteers Get Dirty in the Garden, RSVP required.
Friday – 4/19, 5pm – 7pm, Stations & Chowda, RSVP required.
Saturday – 4/20, 10am – 12pm, Memory Cafe in the Garden® (for people with memory issues & care-partners)
Sunday – 4/21, 11am – 2pm, Sunday Stroll (for wheelchair-users & care-partners)

Please check the Events Calendar for Specific Information.

Blooming Now:
Since 4/15, Bulbs: Daffodil: Topolino
Since 4/14, Shrubs: Forsythia: Korean (Pink)
Since 4/14, Shrubs: Witch Hazel: Red
Since 4/14, Perennial: Hellebore (aka Lenten Rose)
Since 4/14, Bulbs: Scilla: Pink
Since 4,14, Bulbs: Hyacinth: Yellow Oriental
Since 4/14, Bulbs: Daffodil: King Alfred, Ice Follies, Van Scion, Wild Daffodil
Since 4/14, Trees: Magnolia
Since 4/10, Bulbs: Bird in a Bush
Since 4/10, Bulbs: Chionodoxa
Since 4/5, Bulbs: Daffodil: Tete a Tete
Since 3/20, Bulbs: Rock Iris
Since 3/16, Bulbs: Crocus
Since 3/1, Bulbs: Snowdrop

We learned over the weekend that our 2019 Bulb Parade represents all Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) daffodil divisions, except RHS 10. We found wild daffodils and a very pretty double daff “Van Sion” (introduced in 1620!) blooming on the back woodland hill!
RHS 1 Trumpet Daffodil
RHS 2 Large-Cupped
RHS 3 Small-Cupped
RHS 4 Double
RHS 5 Triandrus
RHS 6 Cyclamineus
RHS 7 Jonquilla
RHS 8 Tazetta
RHS 9 Poeticus
RHS 10 Bulbocodium
RHS 11 Split-Corona
RHS 12 Other
RHS 13 Wild Daffodil or Distinguished by Botanical Name

10,000 bulbs are emerging now in our gardens. Our 2019 Bulb Parade is in memory of John Hanlon of Rowley, MA, who passed 3/19/18 from Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) – same as my mother Margaret (d. 2008).

To see our private gardens, please attend one of our upcoming events, or schedule a private tour with me.

Peace and Joy,

Chionodoxa "Pink Giant" Flowers at the Caretaker's Cottage

Chionodoxa “Pink Giant” Flowers at the Caretaker’s Cottage

Wild Daffodil "Pseudonarcissus" Grows on the Woodland Trail

Wild Daffodil “Pseudonarcissus” Grows on the Woodland Trail

Double Daffodil "Van Sion" Introduced 1620!

Double Daffodil “Van Sion” Introduced 1620!

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