Spring is Nearing ~ Nor’easters Be Gone!

6 Squirrels Enjoy Sunflower Seeds

6 Squirrels Enjoy Sunflower Seeds

A sunny morning we’re enjoying before another storm hits us- expected tomorrow. This storm is likely the last as the power of Spring will not be stopped!

Here’s a few photos of six gray squirrels at our backyard bird feeder taken before sunrise this morning. The baffle we created wards off raccoons and squirrels from perching on the feeder platform. They’re still able to enjoy the seed spilled on the ground.

Save these dates:
April 1, we host our first Sunday Stroll of 2018, 11am – 2pm, Easter Sunday Stroll and Egg Hunt for Garden Nuts of all ages.

April 21 is our first Memory Café in the Garden®.

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