Rosarians Consult and Contribute

Lynne McHugh, David Cannistraro, and Jean DiVincenzo, Rosarians

Lynne McHugh, David Cannistraro, and Jean DiVincenzo, Rosarians

Yesterday, seven members of the New England Rose Society visited from 11am – 2pm. They experienced a garden tour, shared their thoughts about our current Accessible Rose Rodeo Festival design & care, contributed several new rose plants, and even planted six shrubs! A special-effort ribbon goes to David Cannistraro (Just Roses, 978-430-9832) and his assistant, Lynne McHugh, who planted the roses in the nearly 90 degree hot sun. Also, Jeanne DiVincenzo, our newest horticulture volunteer, stayed well after the visit – ’til sundown – weeding ’round the roses, watering the roses multiple times, and transplanting ground covers and other plants displaced from the rose plantings. Teresa Mosher (, NERS President, helped to organize the group’s visit.

We’re grateful for the expertise in this group, helping to make our Accessible Rose Rodeo Festival even more fragrant and beautiful.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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