Reeds on the Road Just Served Rest.Stop.Ranch!

Reeds on the Road, RV and Puppy

Reeds on the Road, RV and Puppy

The Reed Family of 5 (mom, dad, and 3 sons, ages 14, 16, and 22), from Fairfield, CA, found Rest.Stop.Ranch volunteer opportunities on the website The dad, Keith, called me Tuesday afternoon to inquire about service opportunities… he explained they are traveling across the nation, aiming to volunteer at one organization per state, they were going to be in MA for up to 3 days… could we accommodate their hope to “just serve” for up to 8 hours?

After chatting with Karl about potential projects for a family of 5, I called Keith back and offered my ability to meet them at 8am Wednesday morning, with up to 8 volunteer hours worth of projects. We confirmed the morning meeting, and Karl and I headed to host the Tuesday evening Drum Play program.

Wednesday morning Keith texted with an update they would arrive at 9am ~ they had not expected Boston area traffic!

Story to continue as soon as I have the time to write! Now prepping for our first 2020 Volunteer Info Session at the Topsfield Library, happening this morning 10:30-11:30am!

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