Our First Independent Wheelchair User Enjoys the Gardens

Sunday afternoon, Karl and I met a local friend, Marianne, who calls herself multi-mobile: she uses both crutches and a wheelchair to facilitate her ease of movement around. A reader of The Morning Report eco-spirituality blog, she enjoyed experiencing the multi-sensory celebration our garden offers beyond The Morning Report digital photos she usually enjoys during work-day respite breaks. After touring ’round the 0.1 mile MargFMac Front Garden Loop with both of us, we asked for her feedback, and she shared, “What I liked the most was the intimacy with the plantings… all of the plants are right there in front of you, and of course there are areas you’re still working on [making accessible]. Being a wheelchair user, it was never a less-than experience.” Potential improvement points (which have been priorities on our list for future investment and development) include A. equalizing grade variations on sections of the trail and B. installing a hard-surface (i.e. pavers) over the crushed stone trail for greater wheel-ability (this project has been estimated at a cost of $10,000.00; we are currently accepting contributions to assist with this cost).

Marianne also suggested changes to the bi-weekly Morning Report e-mail distribution to include a message similar to:
Our wheelchair-accessible gardens are a work in progress. We’re not yet open to the public, but we’re moving slowly towards realizing our vision. We prepare the gardens once-a-month for our friends with disabilities, including people living with memory changes and their care partners.

Our next Sunday Stroll and Memory Café is: June 21, from 11am – 2pm.
RSVP is required (please call Mary at 978-887-4202 to confirm you are coming), as we can only accommodate 10 cars/vans.

Learn about our Memory Café >

Learn about Volunteer Opportunities >

Private tours are available by appointment with Mary (please e-mail mary at marymacmissions.com to schedule a private tour for your self or group).

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

P.S. Please enjoy an inspirational quote from Marianne’s e-mail signature:
“… my soul stood erect, exultant, envisioning a new world where the light of justice for every individual will be unclouded.”
~ Helen Keller

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