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The MargFMac Front Garden Loop Trailhead Kiosk, Interactive

The MargFMac Front Garden Loop Trailhead Kiosk, Interactive

Since I last reported on our installation of a trailhead kiosk for the MargFMac Front Garden Loop (0.1 mile wheelchair-accessible trail), Karl built a small information and log box that can be opened into a writing desk, accessible by folks using wheelchairs.

Interactive, Accessible Info & Log Writing Desk

Interactive, Accessible Info & Log Writing Desk

To open the box, a person needs to move the metal latch to the right and pull the “welcome” handle forward. When the box is open, take-away literature and Rest.Stop.Ranch business cards are available, as well as a log if people wish to leave us a note, inquire, request a private garden tour, etc.

This ability to access information and communicate with us directly from the street was inspired by our friend Marlene, from Georgetown, MA, who a couple of years ago left a note in our mailbox asking us about our gardens, and we’ve been friends ever since(read about our Local and Global Communitee at the website!).

Reminder: Please share our respite Memory Café offering once-a-month for family dementia-caregivers and care-receivers with people you know North of Boston who might benefit. Just to clarify, the Memory Café aims to get dementia-care pairs out of their home for a breath of fresh-air, fun, and networking with people going through the same experience. It is not a drop-off-your-loved-one-with-dementia (so-you-can-get-your-hair-done, or go golfing, or do other errands). It is not a dementia-caregiver support group. Learn more about our Memory Café >

We still need volunteers for our Memory Café! If you are age 14+, consider joining us to serve with love people most in need of respite from 24/7 dementia-care. Please see below for loving kindness service opportunities!

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

Join Our Memory Café Volunteer Team!
If you live North of Boston, are over the age 14, and are interested in joining us as a Memory Café volunteer, please e-mail me at mary at, or call 978-887-4202. When I have a list of six people interested, we will have an informational meeting. Thanks for your interest!

Many service opportunities exist including:
Welcome Team (Greeters)
Music & Dance Team
Picnic Area Support Team
“Start Here” Info Table
Logistics Team (Parking, etc.)
Nature Guides (for People with Special Needs)
Horticultural Volunteer(s)
Master Gardener and Senior Mentor(s)
Office/Admin Helper(s)

Learn more about Volunteer Opportunities >

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