Our Community


Our Neighbors Who Share Our Vision and Action
Our neighbors have seen our garden taking shape since 2009. We’ve established a friendly seeds-exchange with a few fellow garden enthusiasts. Some folks in our community have donated plants and bulbs from their yards, which now grow in our yard. After a visit to our wheelchair-accessible garden, some people have been inspired to contribute personal funds to further the project. Our garden is increasingly reflective of the gifts our community has contributed.

Our friend, Marlene (shown in the photo gazing at morning glories), gave us blue morning-glory seeds from her own plant in the fall 2013. We saved them over the winter season, planted them in the spring, and she’s enjoying seeing them in full bloom in fall 2014, as they grow tall up and around the Kitchen Garden’s birdhouse post.



Our Friends Who Use Wheelchairs
We have shared our private wheelchair-accessible gardens (by private invitation only) with local friends who use wheelchairs since 2011. These friends enjoy the multi-sensory experience our gardens offer and they help us to test our trails… when they wheel ’round the MargFMac Front Garden Loop in both dry and wet conditions we better understand what is working well and what needs improvement. Our friends who use wheelchairs help us to prioritize projects as we continue our design and development process into the future.

Photos below show a visit from our friends from the Northeast-ARC’s Burlington House. They tested the trail on September 14, 2014, and also gave us a hydrangea plant, which we planted together along the MargFMac Front Garden Loop.

Morning Glories




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