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The MargFMac Front Garden Loop (0.1 mile)

The MargFMac Front Garden Loop (0.1 mile)


Self-Guided Tour: Around the Loop

Seven unique garden areas are easily wheelchair-accessible along the 0.1 mile MargFMac Front Garden Loop. A rich environment is created by the compact design and variety of experiences. Individuals, couples, and groups may observe and participate in ways that promote holistic therapeutic benefits (physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual).

1.zinnias1. Cut Flower Garden
Plantings include flowers that can be cut for indoor flower arrangements (spring lilacs; german iris; herbaceous, hybrid and tree-peonies; summer perennials; fall zinnias & dahlias). Shrubs and trees include: hydrangea, cherry “north star.”





2. Roses and Kitchen Garden
Every nose may smell a rose, along our accessible trail. A variety of roses climb the trellis fence and gates which protect our food from the local deer. Inside the fence, we grow root veggies, greens & beans, onions & garlic, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, squashes, pumpkin, corn, herbs & spices. Organic waste from our home is also composted here.



3.peaches3. Orchard Avenue
Peach, nectarine, apple “macoun,” apple “red delicious,” apple “mcintosh,” pear “moonglow,” pear “barlett” are the trees planted from west to east. An evergreen hedge provides a north border (rhododendron “capistrano,” boxwood “green mountain,” and holly “blue prince & princess”).



4.roses4. Ornamental Trees & Shrubs
Trees include: katsura, golden chain, ornamental plum, hawthorn, white wisteria. Shrubs include: rose “John Kennedy,” azaleas, rose of sharon, red twig dogwood, flowering almond, golden spirea, dwarf juniper “blue star,” dwarf globe spruce, dwarf cypress “hinoki,” and dwarf japanese white pine.



5.rasberries5. Raspberry Patch
Double-bearing raspberry bushes bear fruit in July and September.





6.cedargrove6. Cedar Grove & Tunnel
We cleared dead branches from this cedar tree area to create the grove and tunnel. We use the grove for wood-storage; the tunnel features a perennial rainbow garden.




7.koi7. Koi Pond
A favorite for all ages, the koi and goldfish live year-round in this pond. We feed them from spring to fall; they hibernate in the winter.

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