First COA Group Picnic: Danvers, MA, 6/12/18

Danvers, MA COA Group Picnic

Danvers, MA COA Group Picnic, 6/12/18

They loved it. 10 residents, 3 staff. All ambulated to the picnic table, some used canes or walkers. 9 of 13 ambulated around the 0.1mile Front Garden Loop and to the Caretaker’s Cottage. After the tour, they enjoyed a picnic at the Pear Tree Patio, and signed the guestbook.

Annie Townsend, group leader, is going to spread the word about our services, and have me speak at the COA soon. Yay! I have a beautiful introductory powerpoint presentation I can give to any group – please simply contact me to schedule to speak.

We need more volunteers. Please contact me if you can help with:
– Outreach / Marketing
– Administration/ back office
– Garden/ Weeding
– Hospitality/ Events

Right now it feels good (doable for me and Karl), to host 1 COA or Skilled Nursing Group Picnic per month. Topsfield COA will visit us in July.

Upcoming events:
6/21 Open Garden Day on the Longest Day, 10am-4pm

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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