Father’s Day Stroll & Memory Café: Local Education

Sunday Stroll & Memory Café Volunteers: Marlene, Hui, &  Jean

Sunday Stroll & Memory Café Volunteers: Marlene, Hui, & Jean

Thanks to new street-side signage “Memory Café, Today, 11am – 2pm” (funded by MA State DDS) – we attracted eight guests (four pairs), all appearing without disability, from the local towns: Rowley, Georgetown, Melrose, and Cambridge. The Cambridge pair was familiar with the Memory Café movement – specifically the Brookline Memory Café. The other three pairs hadn’t heard about Memory Cafés before. They were interested to listen to my explanation and took flyers for posting at local places. Three volunteers, Marlene, Hui, and Jean, helped us to host guests.

Tear-drop Flags: Fish Tales

Tear-drop Flags: Fish Tales

The new activity tear-drop flags looked great. This was our first month to have four activities in addition to the main event: wheelchair-accessible gardens and picnicking. The additional activities are: Fish Tales, Bird Tales, Flower Fun, Drums & Dance. I’m recruiting volunteers age 14+ to help us: prepare the gardens, event set-up, meet & greet, lead activities, event break-down, and more… Please contact me if you are interested. Learn more: Volunteer Opportunities

At our Stroll & Memory Café this month, we did not serve any friends with a visible physical disability (i.e. cane-, walker-, wheelchair-users) or cognitive disability (i.e. with dementia, developmental or intellectual disability). Our goal is to offer respite and recreation to family care-givers with disabled care-receivers… Please read again this list of people we wish to serve at our monthly Stroll & Memory Café, and please help us spread the word:

Who We Serve:

1. Wheelchair-users who function independently or with a care-partner
2. Independent people living with memory-loss (i.e. Mild Cognitive Impairment, Early-stage or Early-onset Dementia)
3. Dementia-care Survivors seeking support and connection with others who have survived a dementia-caregiving experience
4. Long-Term-Care-partners with a care-receiver living with…

  • Degenerative Disease (i.e. Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS)
  • Dementia and Developmental Disability (i.e. Down Syndrome or Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • Terminal Illness

Please e-mail or call me:
A. to reserve a parking space for our July 10 event (Experience Fragrant Roses & Lilies)
B. if you have any questions about who we serve.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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