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Doubling Down on Daffodils

Narcissus Topolino

Narcissus Topolino
Narcissus Topolino
It’s becoming more and more clear to us the vole war we’re in. Over the winter, they ate 20% of the 2017 new rose plants, and appear to have eaten all of the rock garden iris. We’re crossing our fingers that at least a majority of hundreds of new lily plants we planted in the fall survived.

Most all of the daffodils we’ve planted over the years have survived and multiplied. Deer and voles leave these alone. N. Topolino, the “little mouse” (Italian), is the first daffodil to bloom in our garden this year.

Next week I’ll attend the Greenwich CT Daffodil Show to meet other serious daffodil enthusiasts and learn more about the many varieties that we can plant here along our wheelchair-accessible garden trails.

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