Day 3 of 7: Horticultural Therapy Week, Spring has Sprung!

Witch Hazel ~ Yellow ~ Ornamental Tree & Shrub Garden

Witch Hazel ~ Yellow ~ Ornamental Tree & Shrub Garden

This photo shows our Pear Tree Patio, and wheelchair-accessible picnic table. This is where the Observation Group will sit and enjoy bird watching and bulbs emerging on Thursday mornings!

We have developed the concept of the Observation Group with recreation therapists from MA DDS Danvers Hogan Regional Center, who wish to bring to the garden individuals who are medically fragile.

Peace and Joy,

We can now observe hundreds of spring bulbs emerging along the Orchard Ave. If you’d like to come and see, visit us on Thursday morning, between 9am – 12pm. This is when we are working on maintaining the garden each week at our Volunteers/HORT Therapy “Get Dirty in the Garden” program.

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