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Morning Report: Dahlias


We planted many dahlias in the Cut Flower Garden as well as along the Fruit and Veggie Garden west fence. They are now starting to bloom and will continue building a bold display of color through the fall. I was speaking with our neighbor Suzanne yesterday. She commented on the flowers we’ve planted street-side –a […]

Morning Report: Hasta Blue


Bright green and blue hastas line the pathway into our home, above the Koi Pond. In the past we’ve had deer munching on these leaves, but I think Miss Honey’s presence on the property is helping to keep the hastas happy. Living with Long-Term Illness: Reflections from our family story My father returned to his […]

Morning Report: Japanese Iris, Body/Mind/Spirit Fest


My intuition tells me… What does your intuition tell you this morning? Take 5 minutes to notice how Spirit is moving you gently towards greater self-love and wholeness in your life. (Marblehead, MA) Friends North of Boston: Remember the Body, Mind & Spirit Festival tomorrow, Saturday: 10am-3pm, St. Andrew’s Church, 135 Lafayette Street, Marblehead, MA, […]