Respite Retreats

Woman at the WellA 2-hour Individual Directed Retreat
For weary family care partners
Offered year-round, by Mary E. MacDonald, M.A. Community-based Chaplain for Long-term Caregivers, Certified Yoga Teacher, Life Coach & Group Leader.
A reservation is required.
Cost: No charge, contributions gratefully accepted.
Contact Mary at 978-887-4202 to learn more or to schedule a retreat.
We encourage you to book this time for yourself, even you are unsure about committing to a date because of a loved one’s unpredictable care needs. A morning confirmation call the day-of the retreat will give you the option of keeping or rescheduling the retreat time.

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About Respite Retreats

Respite, or a short period of rest, is a requirement for long-term caregivers. From our own experience, we know that attending a day, weekend or week-long retreat for most 24/7 caregivers can be difficult, if not impossible. This is why we have created a “Respite Retreat,” which is a retreat experience that happens within a time-frame of two hours, considered doable by many busy caregivers.

Thanks, Mary! It is amazing how relaxed my neck and shoulders are this evening! And my heart is at peace. You are blessing! My two-hour retreat at Rest.Stop.Ranch refreshed and restored my body and spirit. Doable, in the midst of my full life; tailored to my unique needs; utterly life-giving! Gardens and trees tenderly speak of loving care. Thank you, Mary & Karl!
~ Carmela Coughlan of Westford, MA

Hello, Mary – Many, many thanks for the opportunity for healing and respite you created on Monday. It was a profound experience. I continue to feel lighter, and know I shed at least a few onion layers. You are bringing such light into this world, especially for us caregivers. Thank you!
~ Gale Lyman of Amesbury, MA

Answer an Invitation to Respite at Rest.Stop.Ranch:

A 2-Hour Individual Directed Retreat

Enjoy a restorative break, and choose how you would like to use this private one-on-one time together: Share your experience ~ Learn wellness skills ~ Be still ~ Pray alone or together ~ Discern Spirit’s invitations ~ Walk or rest in the gardens…

Your use of Respite Retreat time can be as flexible as you need it to be, however, many people appreciate following this program:

(30 minutes ~ check-in) Meet at the Caretaker’s Cottage.
Share briefly your respite need or wish.
How would you like to use this time away from your 24/7?

(60 minutes ~ respite experience)
Continue to experience the respite you choose: indoors or outdoors.

(30 minutes ~ wrap-up)
Process and evaluate your respite experience.
Share your experience, ask questions, and schedule your next Respite Retreat!

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