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Misc_guide.Mary.AbrahamBecause we have walked the dementia-care walk, our friends and neighbors have sought us out for information. We encourage people to:
1. Call the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 helpline: 1-800-272-3900 (U.S.)
2. Attend our seasonal (April – October) Saturday Memory Café to pick up information from our information table, and also to network with other families who are experiencing the same situation right now.
To learn about this opportunity, please
Visit our Memory Café page >


As veterans of a dementia-caregiving experience, we know intimately its impact on individuals, couples, and families. We regret we are not available to consult you at the present time. We recommend that you build a supportive team for individual, couple, and family health and wellness.

Join a local caregiver support group (your local Alzheimer’s Association may have a list). Network with people in your local area who are experiencing a similar life challenge. Support group members often have helpful strategies, solutions, and suggestions.
Meet with an individual or couples talk-therapist (your local Alzheimer’s Association may have a list of specialists), coach, or spiritual companion. Check-in regularly, if possible. (Mary offers one-on-one life-coaching programs for caregivers)
Start or continue regular follow-ups with your Primary Care Physician.
Practice regularly relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, restorative yoga, and/or nature walks, which help to restore and renew your nervous system, while helping to mitigate the effects of stress on your body-mind-spirit.

For all touched by dementia and its effects, we continue to offer these free publications:
For Individuals:
How to Claim Your Me Moment: Caregiver communication tips for positive self-talk and family-talk

Rest.Stop.Ranch Morning Report: The background & benefits of a grounding practice

For Couples and Families:
How to Claim Your We Moment: Caregiver and caregiver partner communication tips for connecting

Caregivers and organizations interested in Mary’s speaking, training, and retreat topics may learn more at >

With heartfelt compassion,
Mary & Karl

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