DCG Museum and School

The DCG Living Hx Mobile Museum and School

DCG = Dementia Caregiver
Living Hx = Living History
Mobile = Able to travel

Current Use
Each month, a new interactive exhibit featuring an artifact from a real dementia-caregiver’s journey, invites dementia caregivers to share common themes and stories on paper and around the exhibit table as an ice-breaker.  These topics, frequently hidden, are broken open for fresh, honest, and humorous discussion, that filters into the small group sharing circle.  Each exhibit promotes bringing group awareness, witness, and sharing around a challenging universal dementia-care topic, and also supports discussion of healthy coping approaches. The interactive exhibits are easily portable. Please contact Mary to facilitate a program at your caregiver group (in the Greater Boston/New England region).

The creation of The DCG Living Hx Mobile Museum and School is inviting many dementia-caregiver voices to witness and record the dementia-caregiver experience.  It’s promise and hope is to become an expressive therapeutic outlet offering education, validation, humor, and healing to:

1. The general public
2. Dementia caregivers before a diagnosis
3. Dementia caregivers after a diagnosis
4. Survivors of a dementia-caregiving experience

The DCG Living Hx Mobile Museum and School was created and launched in January 2017, to enhance group member interaction and bonding. The interactive and portable exhibits have served the following caregiver support groups:

Topsfield, MA
Rest.Stop.Ranch Caretaker’s Cottage ~ Younger Onset Support Group, since January, 2017.

Concord, NH
Havenwood Heritage Heights Continuing Care Retirement Community ~ “A Star with Heart: Self-Care Program for Caregivers” 8-week Series, January 17 – March 7, 2017.

Please feel free
to schedule with me
a Come and See… Tour & Tea
at a time convenient for you.

~ Mary E. MacDonald
Creator & Curator

Current & Past Interactive Exhibits
April 2017
Topic: “Both/And More: Passion, Resurrection, Love Persists.”  
Interactive exhibit: The book, “The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook,” by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1999.

March 2017
Topic: “Lucky vs. Unlucky: Holding Paradoxes.”  
Interactive exhibit: 4 Lucky T-shirts, A green purse, and a Hawaiian Lei.

February 2017
Topic: “Love, Marriage, and Family Dynamics.”  
Interactive exhibit: 3 Wedding Dresses.

January 2017 ~ Program Launch
Topic: “Planning Goals and Dreams.”  
Interactive exhibit: 2-Year Planning Calendar (wall-hanging).

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