Caregiver Support

Year-round caregiver support includes group and individual programs.

Group Support

Since January 2017, we offer a twice-a-month caregiver support group for dementia caregivers. We serve three groups:
1. “All Ages, All Types of Dementia” Caregiver Support Group.
2. “FTD Boston North” Caregiver Support Group.
3. “Topsfield Younger Onset ALZ” Caregiver Support Group.

Learn more about our support groups for dementia caregivers >

Individual Support

Since January 2016, we have offered one-on-one support for caregivers. A private, individual spiritual-care support session can be scheduled with Mary, by e-mail or phone, and can last anywhere from a 20-minute self-care “check-in,” up to a 2-hour Respite Retreat.

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Learn more about a 2-hour Respite Retreat >

DCG Living Hx Mobile Museum and School

In January 2017, we launched a pilot program, the “DCG Living Hx Mobile Museum and School.” The program has served dementia caregivers at our home-base, Rest.Stop.Ranch, in Topsfield, MA, and also in Concord, NH at the Havenwood Heritage Heights Continuing Care Retirement Community.

Learn more about the DCG Living Hx Mobile Museum and School >

Mary E. MacDonald M.A., a survivor of a most difficult dementia-care journey, facilitates both group and individual support programs. She is a community-based chaplain for long-term caregivers, and a certified yoga teacher, life-coach, and group leader. Learn more about Mary’s work to improve dementia caregiver health and wellness at

All programs are free-of-charge. Contributions are gratefully accepted.

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