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Morning Report: Thanks to the Burlington House for the Hydrangea

Plant Donated by Burlington NE-ARC Group

Plant Donated by Burlington NE-ARC Group
Burlington NE-ARC Group Plants Hydrangea

Friends from the Northeast-ARC Burlington House visited us on Sunday, September 14, and brought with them a hydrangea plant for the MargFMac Front Garden Loop. We planted it in the northeast corner of the Orchard Ave., with other hydrangeas gifted to us this summer by Susan and Doran Donovan, and in 2011 by Dan Jackson. It is becoming a Hydrangea Community Corner.

Thanks again to the Burlington House for the beautiful hydrangea plant, which will be a perennial bloomer.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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Recline. Relax. Restore. v1.1 Sample

Start seated in a reclining chair or arm chair. The benefits of this pose include: increase body/mind awareness, increase ability to self-soothe when stressed, lower blood pressure and heart rate, release muscular tension, and reduce anxiety. There are no contraindications for this pose. You will need:
An interruption free quiet area.
A cushy recliner or arm chair.
You may need or like a pillow for additional head support.
You may enjoy wearing a warm hat and scarf. A warm hat and scarf can help retain body heat and add to a feeling of being supported on many levels.