Accessible Port-a-Potty Placed!

Accessible Port-a-Potty Delivery 5/4/2016

Accessible Port-a-Potty Delivery 5/4/2016

Yesterday we received the delivery of a wheelchair-accessible port-a-potty! Yay! Thanks to the MA Department of Developmental Services award, we are able to afford this rental for our 2016 Sunday Strolls and Memory Café season, running once-a-month, through October.

Our next event is this Sunday, May 8, Mother’s Day, 11am – 2pm. Beautiful corsages and boutonnieres for all care-receivers and care-partners, first-come, first-serve, while supplies last! If wet/cold, the Memory Café program will be held at the Caretaker’s Cottage on our property (see the red cottage in the background). To register, please call me by Friday, 5pm: 978-887-4202. If after Friday, and you’d like to come, please call ahead.

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  1. Helen Skidmore

    Good Morning!!!….that is so awesome … have a great weekend, wish I could be a part of it, but will be thinking of you all ….

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