We are developing our private wheelchair-accessible gardens for future enjoyment and therapeutic benefit of people in our community affected by long-term illness and disability. This is a long-term, life-long project for us.
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  • Morning Report: Redwood Table & Chairs Ready to Enjoy

    1/2 Benches, Pull-away from Table to Allow Access

    Saturday was rainy, but still warm enough for us to labor outdoors with joy. We assembled our new redwood patio furniture: Table, 2 chairs, and 4 1/2 benches. This Pear Tree Patio set will provide access for all at our Farm-to-Table future events. The 2 arm-chairs will be reserved for elders and others who benefit […]

  • Morning Report: Fall Transitions

    Amy, Felix, and Greg Deliver the Table

    Yesterday, our 10′ long, wheelchair-accessible redwood table was delivered in 8 boxes, by Greg, Amy, and Felix. The movement from delivery truck to Pear Tree Patio took less than 1-hour, but preparation and waiting for the truck to arrive consumed many more hours. Over the weekend, Karl and I will assemble all of the pieces: […]

  • Morning Report: NE Corner Reclaimed

    Mary: A foot taller than the Dogwood

    Last weekend, we planted four trees for our 4th wedding anniversary: Dogwood (NE Corner), Mimosa and Chaste (near the Caretaker’s Cottage), and Japanese Maple (near the Koi Pond). The NE Corner kept Karl the busiest: he spent a long while wrestling and cutting down the Honeysuckle brush in that area. We decided to leave the […]